The Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 14 – James Altucher and Annie Duke on mentors and inspiration from Ryan Holiday

People sometimes say that life is like a game of chess. Annie Duke, a former professional poker player wrote a book called “Thinking in Bets” where she postulates that life is more like a game of poker.

In this episode, we hear a clip from the James Altucher show where James is talking to Annie Duke about her recent book “Thinking in Bets”. Annie Duke is a former professional poker player and was one of the best in the world, having won a World Series of Poker bracelet and winning multiple tournaments. Her book “Thinking in Bets” is one of the best books that I (Wang) have read in recent years and in this episode, we talk about some of the key takeaways of the book and other fascinating subjects such as:

  • Why Wang enjoys getting together with Shawn
  • Shawn and Wang think about how they first heard of James Altucher
  • Shawn and Wang laugh about 50 cent’s decision to sell his album through bitcoin
  • “Wanna bet?” – why this question can help us make better decision
  • We hear a clip from Annie Duke on the James Altucher show about Ryan Holiday and getting inspired from Ryan Holiday’s work
  • Do risks and uncertainty hinder action from decision makers? Shawn and Wang shares their thoughts on this question
  • Wang shares a story from the book about the Seahawks vs. Patriots Superbowl play made by Pete Caroll
  • The concept of ‘resulting’ and why it’s not the right way to make or justify a decision
  • Wang shares a concept called Plus Minus Equals from James Altucher and Shawn talks about why he disagrees with this and what to do instead
  • We switch into the topic of management and team leadership – Shawn and Wang share their thoughts on the traits of good managers and leaders

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