Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 16 – The #1 secret that marketers don’t tell you

We are excited to bring you another episode of The Remix where we find clips of the best podcasts, remix them with our thoughts and share them for your listening pleasure. In this episode, we listen to a clip from Neil Patel and Eric Su from a podcast called The Marketing School. Neil is a best-selling author, top influencer, and an incredible marketer. Eric is a marketer, speaker and CEO of Single Grain, a marketing agency. The Marketing School is a podcast that releases episodes every single day with actionable tips and marketing advice in each episode. Give them some love if you don’t already subscribe to their podcast.

In this episode we learn:

  • Why Shawn thinks that The Marketing School is an amazing podcast and how he listens to different types of podcasts
  • The reason why marketers do not share all of their marketing tips
  • The takeaways that Shawn and Wang learn including why Shawn shares his videos everywhere and why Wang still thinks that holding some secrets is still worthwhile
  • The parallels of keeping secrets and stand up comedy
  • I ask Shawn about his take on his speeches and content and how he would feel if someone stole his content without attribution
  • Shawn talks about the “Benjamin Button effect” – what?

What do you think? Should we be holding some secrets back? Are any ideas original? Or are all ideas just a remix of everything else? Have you heard of any good jokes about burritos? Tweet us and let us know.

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