Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 21 – Neen James and why attention pays

Shawn and I (Wang) bring in so many great podcasts that inevitably, we get some of them mixed up. In this episode of the Remix, I made a terrible mistake. What I thought was a clip from the Solopreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal (a fantastic podcast that I was listening to recently) was actually a clip from the equally wonderful podcast ‘Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do by Thom Singer’. My apologies to our listeners for re-remixing things and of course, attributing the wrong clip to the wrong podcast (in fact, my mistake was because I was not paying enough attention which is the central theme of this episode).

In this episode, Shawn and I talk about why attention pays and:

  • Harold and Kumar – what? And Neil Patrick Harris’ meteoric success
  • Wang mistakenly thinks that the clip is from Solopreneur Hour but it is actually from Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do – apologies to Michael O’Neal and Thom Singer. Thom is key note speaker, best selling author, professional speaker and the host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do where he talks to business leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and others on some of the coolest things that they are working on.
  • Shawn’s hidden connection with Neen James – the person we are featuring in this clip!
  • Why Wang decided to clip this episode and the concept of attention as the reason for Peloton (and other companies’) successes
  • Shawn’s deep dark secret that has gotten him free meals, free rides, free hotel stays and more
  • Wang’s view of conversations, especially conversations with people that you see on a regular basis
  • Shawn shares an example of his deep dark secret in practice with his mentor Mike Brodie and Wang shares a story that he heard from Mike Brodie and how it applies to Toastmasters

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Let us know what you think! How do you remember specific things with contacts or acquaintances?

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