Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 22 – Parenting advice from Daniel Coyle and Michael J. Mauboussin

Do you have kids? Are you interested in helping them become the best adults they can be (of course you are)! Listen to this episode of the Remix where we get parenting advice from two podcast clips and Shawn and Wang’s thoughts on this advice.

In this episode, we hear a clip from Daniel Pink’s 1-3-20 podcast where he talks to Daniel Coyle, author, best-selling author of multiple books but in particular, the recently published The Culture Code which explores the secrets of highly successful groups. We also hear a clip from The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish who runs the Farnam Street Blog. Michael Mauboussin is managing director and head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse and is a best-selling author and who Shane considers a “Decision Making Jedi”.

Recap of the Remix:

  • Wang asks Shawn about his journey as a parent and a Dad and his experience with his baby girl Maya
  • What Shawn and Deepa (Shawn’s wife) fights about (and a consideration for ambitious parents that want to have kids)
  • The personality that Maya has taken on and who she is more like, Shawn or Deepa
  • When Wang will have a ‘little Wang’
  • We hear a clip from Dan Pink’s 1-3-20 podcast where he talks to 1 author / book, asks them 3 questions, and he does this in under 20 minutes. In this clip, Daniel Coyle shares his advice on how to have better conversations with kids.
  • What Shawn will take away from this clip for his conversations at home
  • How Wang has applied the concept of vulnerability at work
  • Wang shares an embarrassing story of when he first went to OrangeTheory
  • The question that Shawn never asks people and how it has changed his life
  • The celebrity that Wang and Shawn are crushing on and why they like this celebrity
  • We hear a second clip from Shane Parrish’s podcast The Knowledge Project where he explores how to improve the decisions that we make in our lives. In this clip, Michael shares his advice on how to develop your kid’s problem solving abilities.
  • Wang and Shawn talk about our role as parents and as consultants – should we play a different role?
  • Wang shares his thoughts on how parents should be teaching their kids
  • A mind blowing concept on schools and universities and Wang asks Shawn his thoughts on whether Maya should be going to university.

What parenting advice do you have for Shawn (and Wang)? How do you have better conversations with kids? Do you agree that schools are engineering kids to be employees and not entrepreneurs?

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