Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 23 – Grant Baldwin and Stephen Shapiro on the brick activity

We are super excited to bring you another episode of the Remix Podcast where we learn about professional speaking and a bit of the things that Shawn does when he speaks professionally.

In this episode, we feature a clip from Grant Baldwin who has a podcast called The Speaker Lab. Grant talks to professional speakers to understand how they have developed their speaking business, the tactics and tools that they use and other questions you may have about professional speaking.

Shawn and I also talk about:

  • Who has Wang been thinking about recently?
  • Who is Robert Shapiro? Is he related to Stephen Shapiro, the guest that is featured in Grant’s podcast?
  • Does Stephen Shapiro’s backstory sound familiar to you? Who does it remind you of? Why?
  • We hear a clip from Stephen Shapiro on the brick activity and Shawn’s thoughts on human centred design
  • What did Wang takeaway and learn from the clip?
  • Wang talks about a course he is taking from IDEO and what he has learned from the course
  • Shawn shares an amazing story from Freakonomics about Kobayashi – the famous competitive eater and how he was able to beat the competition
  • The importance of flipping the question and reframing the problem
  • Shawn shares another great story about Thomas Edison and the phonograph and the importance of reframing the question or problem
  • The concept of speaking as an experience vs. a lecture and Shawn’s opinion on this concept
  • Wang shares a story of when he sold pizza in university – a ‘problem’ that he reframed

You know what to do! Hit us up on Twitter with your questions and thoughts on this episode.

@shawnkanungo and @wangyip

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