Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 25 – Vanessa Van Edwards on social skills

We in Shawn’s house now! How important are social skills to you? Do you know exactly what to say to start a conversation? End a conversation? The exact questions to ask to have great conversations? If you’re like me (socially awkward), then the answer is probably no and I recommend learning from Vanessa Van Edwards, a best-selling author and a ‘professional people watcher’ who has broken down social skills into a science that anyone can practice and apply to their lives. For example, a great question to ask instead of “how’s it going” is to ask “what’s been the high point in your day so far?”

In this episode of the Remix with Shawn and Wang, we hear a clip from the Jordan Harbinger Show where the host (Jordan Harbinger, formerly of the Art of Charm) dissects the top performers in the world and deconstructs these into insights that you can apply into your life. We hear a clip from Vanessa and other tidbits like:

  • Wang and Shawn share our appreciation for our better halves
  • Wang shares the back story of the Jordan Harbinger and the Art of Charm
  • Wang and Shawn have a mock conversation – Shawn shares his technique for ending a conversation
    • Did you know Monterey (California) has a lot of people that look like Wang? I didn’t.
  • What do jokes have to do with ending a conversation? Find out from Shawn
  • Wang shares a technique for ending conversations from Demetri Martin
  • How Wang ends conversations – he has to rely on others…unfortunately
  • We transition into the social skills needed for group conversations – Shawn talks about his strategy for getting into an open circle conversation
  • Wang is a social genius when it comes to entering group conversations (not) – learn what not to do and learn a technique from Vanessa on entering group conversations
  • Is it weird to have a process for social interactions? or weird to take notes about people?
  • We take the time to thank one of our reviewers

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Let us know what you think about these social skills? Do you have a way of entering group conversations? Ending conversations?

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