Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 27 Is Bo Jackson an anomaly?

Back in the day, you may have heard about this freakishly athletic individual named Bo Jackson. He was, and maybe still is, one of the greatest athletes – ranking in the top 5 in numerous top athlete lists across all sports and disciplines. Our very own Shawn Kanungo is an expert on Bo Jackson – back in school, he did research and wrote a report on Bo so he knows him like the back of his hand. More recently, Shawn did a speech about Bo Jackson and whether or not he’s an anomaly and it’s one of the reasons why we talk about him in this episode of The Remix.

We remix a clip from Noah Kagan Presents. Noah Kagan is a serial entrepreneur who was previously at Facebook, Mint and is now Chief Sumo at AppSumo which provides other entrepreneurs with the tools that they need to be successful. Noah talks to Bo about his childhood, his life as he got into professional baseball, his transition into the NFL and finally, his life after, even talking about some parenting advice. We also learn:

  • What Shawn has been thinking about recently and why people may pay for something that may be widely available
  • Shawn’s advice for content: “just put it out there”
  • Why Wang has been thinking about copy writing (what the heck is that?) and what that has to do with the Method hand soap
  • Is Bo Jackson an anomaly? Watch Shawn’s speech to find out more about Bo Jackson.
  • Bo Jackson’s mindset for choosing what to do next after sports
  • Why Wang pulled the clip and the contrast with another episode of the Remix where we talked about narcissism being the key trait of superstars
  • The debate between being a generalist and a specialist – Shawn and Wang talk about the merits and approaches that people should take to advance in their career
  • Wang’s career path, what skills he might need in the future and how he ‘reinvents’ himself every 5 years
  • Wang’s advice for generalists (find intersections) and specialists (find other skills you can learn)
  • Shawn’s thoughts on being a generalist vs. being a specialist and where he fits within the spectrum
  • Why Shawn regrets his talk on Bo Jackson

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What’s your view on being a generalist vs. being a specialist?

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