Remix Podcast Season 1 Episode 28 – Adam Grant vs. Malcolm Gladwell – who wins?

Shawn and Wang seem to be on the same brain wavelength – are we morphing into the same person? Some of our audience members enjoy that we have conflicting, sometimes opposing views – will this change whether audiences will listen to us?

We hear a clip from Adam Grant’s podcast (and Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast) where Adam and Malcolm debate a wide variety of topics. In particular, one story that we did not talk about in the podcast episode which I found fascinating is the story of Malcolm Gladwell’s job as a journalist. He had moved over from Canada to work for a news company as a journalist and there was a bit of some reluctance among the journalists to do any stories about hurricanes – mostly because you would get stuck in a city out in the middle of nowhere and you would not how long you would have to stay. When Malcolm was sent out to do a hurricane story out in Columbia, he decided that he would go to South America’s Columbia instead of Columbia in the U.S. When his boss found out, he blamed it on the fact that he’s Canadian and that he did not that there was more than one Columbia (but in fact, he had purposely done a bad job so that he wouldn’t get those assignments in the future). Doing a bad job to avoid work? Awesome.

We also remix our thoughts on:

  • Why Shawn is a big fan of Adam Grant and Malcolm Gladwell
  • We hear Adam and Malcolm debate teams vs. individuals
  • Wang arguably thinks that the best player in the NBA is Lebron James (please no hate mail or death threats) and his impact on teams
  • Shawn asks Wang whether he has seen this team vs. individual effect
  • How you engineer a team so that you get the best results – Wang talks about his role as a manager and what he tries to do when he manages or leads a team
  • Shawn argues that this is one of the most difficult things to do – why?
  • Why is it that a team can be successful in a certain situation and why they might not be successful in other situations – Shawn shares a story about his buddy Z and him and the different scenarios where he has succeeded and not succeeded

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Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 15 – Adam Grant and Ray Dalio on radical transparency

Have you ever witnessed your boss or manager doing something that you didn’t agree with? Something incredibly stupid? Made a mistake but had no idea that they did it? I certainly have. But how many of you approached your boss or manager and told them that they made a mistake? Or that they were not prepared for a meeting or presentation and that they deserved a D minus for their performance? I’m willing to bet not that many of you.

In this episode of Remix Podcast with Shawn and Wang, we hear a clip from Adam Grant’s new podcast called WorkLife where Adam Grant takes listeners into unconventional workplaces to explore the ideas that we can all use to make work more meaningful and creative. In the clip, we hear about how an employee told Ray Dalio, the founder and boss of Bridgewater Associates, the biggest hedge fund firm in the world, that he deserved a D- for his recent meeting, that he was not prepared at all and that he rambled for the whole meeting.

In this episode, we learn:

  • Shawn’s experience and perspective on Toastmasters, the public speaking organization
  • We listen to a conversation between Adam Grant and Ray Dalio about radical transparency and then battle a little bit on radical transparency
  • Shawn shares his philosophy of how he likes to work and how he applies radical transparency to his work
  • Wang explains this concept called 360 feedback and his perspective on whether it is being adopted
  • Shawn talks about how he conducts 360 feedback with his team
  • Shawn shares a personal story about Adam Grant and his ubiquity
  • Shawn and Wang discuss whether feedback is important – how do you filter out good and bad feedback? Do you need to follow any feedback at all or choose your own path?
  • Wang shares a story about Ray Dalio’s beginnings and why going bankrupt was the best thing that happened to him
  • Shawn counters with a story about Dropbox’s beginnings and what Steve Jobs told Drew Houston (Dropbox’s founder)
  • In the light of radical transparency, Wang provides some feedback to Shawn: “[removing] crutch words is that extra polish for speeches”
  • Wang shares a tip on removing crutch words
  • Does Shawn speak too quickly in his videos? Shawn shares a time when he noticed how quick he was speaking
  • Shawn also provides some feedback to Wang: “be a dick!”

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