Remix Season 1 Episode 30 – Seth Godin and long term thinking

In this episode of The Remix with Shawn and Wang, we hear a clip from Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast on long term thinking. Seth Godin is the man! He is a hall of fame marketer and has been featured in our podcast previously because he has such profound insights that help us think about everything in a new and better light.

Not only do we hear a clip from Seth Godin, but we also talk about:

  • What book Wang has read recently and what the key takeaways from the book were for him
  • Shawn summarizes the book in a key statement
  • We hear a clip from Seth Godin that talks about the origins of Superman and how this relates to long term thinking
  • Shawn talks about the hidden downside of long term thinking and Wang realizes its not all roses
  • Shawn talks about the flexibility and agility of Amazon
  • Wang and Shawn debate whether the average person thinks long term enough
  • Shawn shares a 10 year goal and one of his weird goals
  • Wang shares his list of long term thinking vs. short term thinking and candidly shares where he has thought about things in the short term rather than in the long term
  • Shawn shares his thoughts on long term thinking within consulting and how big companies are thinking about things in the long term
  • Wang shares a story about Elon after getting a huge payout in Paypal and how he thought about the next thing to work on
  • Shawn and Wang share their thoughts on billable hours and why it may not be the best metric to use to motivate employees and Wang talks about IBM sales and what they did to motivate employees (and it wasn’t through a specific metric)
  • Shawn sums it up in a beautiful equation

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Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 17 – Seth Godin and the Grand Whisper

Seth Godin is one of the few people that I (Wang) would call a genius. He publishes every day on his blog ( and if you visit his website, it’s a picture of Seth with a single word next to it “Go”. He recently created a new podcast called “Akimbo” which is an ancient word meaning bend in the river or bend in a bow and I think it’s an awesome word that describes the force that makes things happen, which Seth is.

In this episode of the Remix Podcast, we pontificate on:

  • The different names that Wang has been called and how his parents came to that name
  • Wang’s nickname “Mr Jobs” and the story of how he got the nickname
  • Seth Godin tells a poetic story weaving in Google, Dropbox, Momofuku and more – and we share our key takeaways from listening to this clip
  • How to market in this day and age, especially given that our attention is limited and being chased by more and more companies these days
  • Wang shares a story about soy milk and how it came to be so popular
  • The Remix Podcast and how it is getting better and better every day (better content, better stories, better hosts)
  • Wang shares the secret to Momofuku’s success

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