Remix Podcast Season 1 Episode 29 – a16z and Dick Costello on what makes a good CEO

Wang knows nothing about basketball – do you think that Shawn and Wang should start a podcast about basketball? Are people interested in Wang’s thoughts on basketball? Probably not.

In this episode of The Remix, we hear a clip from a16z – a podcast by Andreessen Horowitz where Dick Costello, the Founder of Twitter talks about the best characteristic of CEOs.

Listen in on Shawn and Wang’s thoughts on this clip and on:

  • The 100 most famous athletes in the world and the surprising players that are not on the list
  • What the best characteristic / trait of CEOs is
  • The idea of experimentation, failure and taking risks and why it is so important to have a culture that is okay with taking risks
  • Why Shawn thinks that organizations aren’t taking risks
  • Would things be different if people were guaranteed jobs? Shawn presents a counter-example and provides his thoughts on why guaranteeing jobs does not work
  • The best way to be innovative or to develop an innovative culture at organizations
  • Wang postulates on why organizations are not as innovative as they could be and where that mindset might have come from (is it about avoiding risk and failure? was it from school and the education system?)
  • What Shawn wants to leave behind as his legacy
  • Wang shares a story from his work on how he manages people
  • “Can I go to the bathroom?” – should we be asking for permission?
  • Shawn shares a story about the blackboard in schools and how we engineered students into a factory model
  • What advice Shawn has to help organizations be more innovative

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