Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 26 Gary Vaynerchuk on complainers and those that are not winning in life

Welcome to our new Gary Vaynerchuk followers! As some of you loyal followers know, Wang is not the biggest fan of Gary Vee. Why? There’s nothing specific, just that Wang is not a big fan of Gary. Shawn shares a clip where Gary is doing an interview on BBC radio (UK) and they ask Gary about the complainers in life who are not winning or ahead in life.

Is this the turning point in Wang’s life? Will he eventually listen to Gary Vee’s podcasts on a regular basis? Find out on this episode.

Here’s a short recap of the items we discuss in our podcast:

  • Shawn asks Wang about a review that he read on the last episode of the podcast – who left the review?
  • Gary Vee’s evolution over the time that we have followed him
  • Gary vs. Wang – who would win? (Spoiler: Gary)
  • Who we create the podcasts for and why it may not appeal to everyone
  • The benefit of having two hosts
  • Gary’s response to the complainers in life
  • Shawn’s thoughts on the complainers and why he agrees with Gary
  • Wang shares his key takeaways from Gary’s passionate response
  • Shawn shares a story of a woman who asked for his advice on innovating their company and what he told her
  • Ask for forgiveness or ask for permission?
  • Shawn shares an unusual piece of advice for employees in companies
  • Wang’s advice for those that do not have the time to innovate

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The Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 11 – Steve Ballmer makes a prediction about the iphone

Imagine that you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. You are raking in profits like snow falling on a winter Edmonton’s day. You have sold millions and millions of books. A competitor now comes up trying to disrupt you – they also have a book, but it’s more expensive and it does not have any writing in it – it does not cater at all to the reader. You laugh at the competitor and think that in a few years, they will have to go back to the drawing board.

Years later, you realize only a little too late that this is what customers actually wanted. Only it’s not books, it’s a smartphone. And the new competitor is Apple with their iPhone.

In this episode, we hear a clip from Freakonomics from their CEO series and we discuss:

  • Where else will you get a three times return on your listening investment? The Remix Podcast with Shawn and Wang!
  • Wang talks about the time when he saw Steve Ballmer in a meme video
  • the Freakonomics podcast and the CEO series
  • Wang shares his thoughts on what Steve Ballmer said
  • Why it is difficult to predict disruption and innovation and Shawn shares his thoughts on why Microsoft was slow to innovate
  • Wang’s suggestion on how to innovate
  • Wang asks Shawn – if the Microsoft CEO came to him and asked him how to completely disrupt Microsoft’s business, what would Shawn recommend?
  • Shawn asks Wang what he has learned from the CEO series of podcasts on Freakonomics and Wang shares what he has learned from Indra Nooyi – the CEO of Pepsi Co
  • Do Indians need to sleep?
  • Shawn makes a surprising observation about the CEOs on Freakonomics
  • Shawn and Wang talk about the importance of diversity on boards and in companies

What do you think about the CEO series in Freakonomics?

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