Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 26 Gary Vaynerchuk on complainers and those that are not winning in life

Welcome to our new Gary Vaynerchuk followers! As some of you loyal followers know, Wang is not the biggest fan of Gary Vee. Why? There’s nothing specific, just that Wang is not a big fan of Gary. Shawn shares a clip where Gary is doing an interview on BBC radio (UK) and they ask Gary about the complainers in life who are not winning or ahead in life.

Is this the turning point in Wang’s life? Will he eventually listen to Gary Vee’s podcasts on a regular basis? Find out on this episode.

Here’s a short recap of the items we discuss in our podcast:

  • Shawn asks Wang about a review that he read on the last episode of the podcast – who left the review?
  • Gary Vee’s evolution over the time that we have followed him
  • Gary vs. Wang – who would win? (Spoiler: Gary)
  • Who we create the podcasts for and why it may not appeal to everyone
  • The benefit of having two hosts
  • Gary’s response to the complainers in life
  • Shawn’s thoughts on the complainers and why he agrees with Gary
  • Wang shares his key takeaways from Gary’s passionate response
  • Shawn shares a story of a woman who asked for his advice on innovating their company and what he told her
  • Ask for forgiveness or ask for permission?
  • Shawn shares an unusual piece of advice for employees in companies
  • Wang’s advice for those that do not have the time to innovate

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The Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 12 – Cal Fussman and Seth Godin on scarcity and podcasts

We received some amazing feedback on our three clip episode (episode 10 – listen to it if you haven’t already) and we’ll look to incorporate more multi-clip episodes in the future!

In the meantime, we dive deep into a clip from Cal Fussman’s Big Questions podcast where he talks to Seth Godin. Seth Godin is the author of 18 books, founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo and is a legendary marketer (in fact, he is in the marketing hall of fame because he is so amazing). In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Wang listens to so many podcasts and how Shawn finds new podcasts to listen to for The Remix
  • Shawn and Wang tell the backstory of “The Dip”, their previous podcast, and how it relates to Seth Godin, resulting in Wang e-mailing Seth directly
  • We hear Seth’s thoughts on the evolution of scarcity through analogies in paper and books, and vinyl and music, and how it applies to podcasts and media today
  • Shawn shares his attention philosophy and what it means for future entrepreneurs / content creators
  • Wang notes that Shawn’s idea is very similar to one of Seth’s books – find out which one and the key takeaways from the book
  • Shawn and Wang share their thoughts on what the ideal audience member looks like for The Remix with Shawn and Wang
  • Information is available everywhere and talent is available everywhere, but what does this mean for consulting firms? Wang shares his thoughts on what the role of consultants will be in the future
  • Shawn shares a billion dollar idea related to podcasts and audio
  • Wang shares not quite a billion dollar idea but a thousand dollar idea related to podcasts

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