The Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 14 – James Altucher and Annie Duke on mentors and inspiration from Ryan Holiday

People sometimes say that life is like a game of chess. Annie Duke, a former professional poker player wrote a book called “Thinking in Bets” where she postulates that life is more like a game of poker.

In this episode, we hear a clip from the James Altucher show where James is talking to Annie Duke about her recent book “Thinking in Bets”. Annie Duke is a former professional poker player and was one of the best in the world, having won a World Series of Poker bracelet and winning multiple tournaments. Her book “Thinking in Bets” is one of the best books that I (Wang) have read in recent years and in this episode, we talk about some of the key takeaways of the book and other fascinating subjects such as:

  • Why Wang enjoys getting together with Shawn
  • Shawn and Wang think about how they first heard of James Altucher
  • Shawn and Wang laugh about 50 cent’s decision to sell his album through bitcoin
  • “Wanna bet?” – why this question can help us make better decision
  • We hear a clip from Annie Duke on the James Altucher show about Ryan Holiday and getting inspired from Ryan Holiday’s work
  • Do risks and uncertainty hinder action from decision makers? Shawn and Wang shares their thoughts on this question
  • Wang shares a story from the book about the Seahawks vs. Patriots Superbowl play made by Pete Caroll
  • The concept of ‘resulting’ and why it’s not the right way to make or justify a decision
  • Wang shares a concept called Plus Minus Equals from James Altucher and Shawn talks about why he disagrees with this and what to do instead
  • We switch into the topic of management and team leadership – Shawn and Wang share their thoughts on the traits of good managers and leaders

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The Remix – Season 1 Episode 9 – Robin Sharma, Sam Walton and the irreverence of titans

Robin Sharma used to be a litigation lawyer, but being dissatisfied with his life, he decided to walk away and pursue a life of professional speaking. He is the best selling author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari, The Leadership with no title, The Greatness Guides to name a few of his books. On his podcast, The Mastery Sessions, Robin shares a story about Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Do you know Wang Yip? I certainly don’t – Shawn provides a bit of a bio for Wang
  • Wang summarizes the competitions that he has done in Toastmasters and his plans for the future
  • Wang explains how he came about the Robin Sharma podcast
  • Why Shawn loves this story about Sam Walton so much
  • The one country that Shawn has never gone to and why he wants to go there
  • Wang shares a story about his trip in Shanghai and contrasts that with construction in Canada
  • Wang shares his takeaways from the Sam Walton story
  • Why Shawn likes observing people in the wild

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The Remix – Season 1 Episode 1 – James Altucher and Jeff Goins discussing Chris Rock and his stand up

We are back baby and it is amazing! Shawn and I reunite on a new podcast called The Remix where we listen to and curate our favourite podcasts and share the best takeaways, along with our perspective, on these podcasts.

In the first episode of The Remix, we talk about:

  • What we have been up to in our short hiatus
  • A shout out to Karen Unland @karenunland and her help in revitalizing the podcast
  • Why we like James Altucher despite his ‘mediocre’ podcast picture
  • Chris Rock and his process for stand up and creating jokes
  • What we like about Chris Rock’s process
  • Shawn’s concept of documenting vs. creating
  • Neil Strauss and his process for writing and editing books
  • Times when both Wang and Shawn have acted vulnerable, failed and what they learned
  • Wang’s latest obsessions in the past 6 months
  • Big news from Shawn on his career

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