Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 17 – Seth Godin and the Grand Whisper

Seth Godin is one of the few people that I (Wang) would call a genius. He publishes every day on his blog ( and if you visit his website, it’s a picture of Seth with a single word next to it “Go”. He recently created a new podcast called “Akimbo” which is an ancient word meaning bend in the river or bend in a bow and I think it’s an awesome word that describes the force that makes things happen, which Seth is.

In this episode of the Remix Podcast, we pontificate on:

  • The different names that Wang has been called and how his parents came to that name
  • Wang’s nickname “Mr Jobs” and the story of how he got the nickname
  • Seth Godin tells a poetic story weaving in Google, Dropbox, Momofuku and more – and we share our key takeaways from listening to this clip
  • How to market in this day and age, especially given that our attention is limited and being chased by more and more companies these days
  • Wang shares a story about soy milk and how it came to be so popular
  • The Remix Podcast and how it is getting better and better every day (better content, better stories, better hosts)
  • Wang shares the secret to Momofuku’s success

We would love to meet some of our most devout fans and listeners! Let us know what you think about The Remix Podcast and the podcasts that we share. Do you have other podcasts that you think would be worth remixing?

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The Remix Podcast – Season 1 Episode 12 – Cal Fussman and Seth Godin on scarcity and podcasts

We received some amazing feedback on our three clip episode (episode 10 – listen to it if you haven’t already) and we’ll look to incorporate more multi-clip episodes in the future!

In the meantime, we dive deep into a clip from Cal Fussman’s Big Questions podcast where he talks to Seth Godin. Seth Godin is the author of 18 books, founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo and is a legendary marketer (in fact, he is in the marketing hall of fame because he is so amazing). In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Wang listens to so many podcasts and how Shawn finds new podcasts to listen to for The Remix
  • Shawn and Wang tell the backstory of “The Dip”, their previous podcast, and how it relates to Seth Godin, resulting in Wang e-mailing Seth directly
  • We hear Seth’s thoughts on the evolution of scarcity through analogies in paper and books, and vinyl and music, and how it applies to podcasts and media today
  • Shawn shares his attention philosophy and what it means for future entrepreneurs / content creators
  • Wang notes that Shawn’s idea is very similar to one of Seth’s books – find out which one and the key takeaways from the book
  • Shawn and Wang share their thoughts on what the ideal audience member looks like for The Remix with Shawn and Wang
  • Information is available everywhere and talent is available everywhere, but what does this mean for consulting firms? Wang shares his thoughts on what the role of consultants will be in the future
  • Shawn shares a billion dollar idea related to podcasts and audio
  • Wang shares not quite a billion dollar idea but a thousand dollar idea related to podcasts

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